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when did it start, when will it end?
till yesterday, perhaps tomorrow
16th-Sep-2011 01:03 pm - 18th 18th 18th
they are sharing secrets
Wow hi everyone. I've returned from the grave! Well.. Kind of. Actually I was just in the mood (after listening to 'and I'm home' on loop for hours...) to make a Madoka Magica profile, and so this happened. I might post some more profiles and icons (ICONS!!!) again.. sometime... this year.... lol

So sorry sorry for being inactive.

here's the preview!

download etcCollapse )
20th-Mar-2010 10:00 pm - SEVENTEENTH: IN THE RED
this is secretly hiroto
HI GUYS... After a long absence (exams and exams and more exams) I return with two alice nine profiles. To those who are here for my anime stuff, I deeply apologise.. I promise my next stuff will be anime related ;A; Just that I don't think anyone appreciates any of the anime stuff that I make LOL also I'm in an icon depression right now so don't expect any of those...


and here I am, painting flowers for youCollapse )

- the .zip includes an instruction file that I've tried my best to make it user-friendly :)
- BOTH PROFILES CAN FIT ABOUT 200 WORDS. Any more will break the layout.
- please keep the credit integrated in the profile already unless credited somewhere else
- please comment if you download! (download count =/= comment count = depression) Criticism is encouraged!
- I hope you like it!
this is secretly hiroto
derp hi guys. After realising that I haven't updated in almost three months or so I figured it's high time I posted.. something. Been a bit busy with school (and lazy too) so didn't have time to I guess. Also because I still haven't really fully sorted out everything on this new computer yet LOL

So here you go :) A lovely Hiroto profile.. again. I'm in a bit of an icon slump so don't expect any from me for a while, I guess.

takes a lickin', keeps on stickin'Collapse )

- the .zip includes an instruction file that I've tried my best to make it user-friendly :)
- there are THREE different headers this time! One of the other headers is shown in the preview picture.
- please keep the credit line at the bottom :)
- please comment if you download! (I do know the download count, you know XD) Criticism is encouraged!
- I hope you like it!

Aaand that's all from me for now. Thanks for the support guys&hearts

EDIT: Oh yeah, I realised the other Hiroto profile had retarded instructions, so I updated the file and fixed them. Hopefully I haven't confused anyone..
this is a secret room
So here is a SUPER K-ON! batch to make up for my absence!?
IDK K-ON! has currently taken over my life, if I'm not watching it, I'm reading it, humming it, icon-ing it, etc and I've even started learning how to play their songs on piano!!
Anyway, if you don't know what K-ON! is, just think 'moe lolli rock band' and if that isn't enough incentive to get you jumping on the bandwagon, then hopefully these icons will!
Spread the K-ON love, guys! &hearts

These are icons of the first three episodes, and because I'm REALLY lazy when it comes to colouring, the icons are seperated into batches by character. I do plan to make icons of the entire series.. I think.

125 K-ON! icons
[52] Hirasawa YUI
[40] Tainaka RITSU
[15] Kotobuki TSUMUGI (I do you no justice, Tsumugi-ojousama ;__;)
[18] Akiyama MIO (I-I have let you down, Mio-chuan..)


click here for a fuwa fuwa time..Collapse )

- Credit isn't really necessary as long as you don't claim it as your own. If you'd like to credit, asecretroom or thecombatbutler is fine. c:
- K-ON! and all its (wonderful) characters belong to KyoAni and Kakifly.
- Please comment! Positive or negative, criticism is HIGHLY encouraged; what do you think of the colouring? Too dark? Too bright? It's horrific? An eyesore? Are your eyes bleeding?
- Most importantly, enjoy!
24th-May-2009 02:30 pm - M O D'S POST!
they are sharing secrets
Hello hello, nothing much happening, actually. I felt a bit bored and decided to splice up the affiliates page (actually just another excuse for me to make a VOCALOID profile). Now that it's a lot more visually appealing, maybe more people would want to affiliate now \o/ Haha.

Anyway, I know some of you guys requested some icons here, I'll get them done ASAP, promise! And if you still want to request, well, it's still open I suppose :P

Yeah, that's it, actually. Just wanted to post something. Not like anyone will read this.. LOL
22nd-May-2009 06:21 pm - f-fo-fourteenth secret
this is secretly hiroto
Well, here's some (39 to be exacty) really old alice nine. icons, all of our beloved Naoyuki. Some of these are over a year old..! IDK these aren't that great, so.. hope you enjoy anyway (Y) Maybe another post later tonight, too. Actually I keep thinking I've posted these before already, but .. I THINK I hadn't. I hope I haven't 'cos it'd be really lame to repost them =__=

Woop. Enjoy..!


- please credit thecombatbutler or asecretroom if using.
- Nao belongs to alice nine. from PSC
- please comment if taking! criticism encouraged, as well :P
18th-May-2009 06:49 pm - spiral love
they are sharing secrets
oh WOAH I HAVEN'T POSTED HERE IN AGES. You would have to blame exams and pure laziness for that! I'm still suffering post traumatic stress from thinking too much.. and the stress doesn't end yet. My last exam is on Thursday, but I'm procrastinating right now so I thought I should post something here.

Well. TWO SPIRAL PROFILE LAYOUTS! I've had these WIPs (If I can call them that) for ages, perhaps years, but never finished it. The design was one of the first that I've done, but modified over time, etc. I finally finished it like.. three months ago or something, but never posted it. There are some changes I'd love to make, but it appears my PSD files have gone ultimately missing :'( Here they are anyway, though! I hope they're not too bad!



Once again, each profile features two different 'header' (or side..) images for you to choose from \o/ so enjoy! The different headers are featured on the image preview and the live preview (under cut).

alternate previews hurr + the download linkCollapse )

- the .zip includes a user-friendly (at least, I try!) instruction file
- there are two different headers, as seen in thumbnail and live previews
- please keep the link back to asecretroom as credit :)
- please comment if you download! Criticism is encouraged!
- If there's any problems or questions feel free to drop a comment here and I'll try my best to help ya!
- I hope you like it!♥ Spread the Ayumu/Hiyono love!
they are sharing secrets
Hello! Long time no post.. I think. Been a bit busy to make icons, and also I've been making icons for a few different batches so I don't have enough of any of them to actually make a post, if you know what I mean =__=''
Well I finally got around to capping the Hayate no Gotoku! OAV (aka ep 00), and made some icons out of them. If you want me to upload the caps just let me know :3 I'll upload the un-useless ones..

Anyway, it's a pretty small batch, only 32 icons. But only one alternative! \o/
Enough rambling, enjoy!


can't wait till the 2nd season comes out!!!Collapse )

- please credit thecombatbutler or asecretroom if using.
- Hayate no Gotoku! © Kenjiro Hata/JC Staff
- these CAN be used for bases, but please tell me beforehand so I won't accuse you of stealing or anything later on :P (Oh, and show me the results too!)
- please comment if taking! criticism encouraged, as well :P

Well, either those interest icons, K-ON!, Negima! ALA ALBA OVA, or more Hayate is coming up =__='' possibly Sailor Moon, too. Or Eureka seven.. I don't know. Please be patient with me, friends!
24th-Mar-2009 07:06 pm(no subject)
this is secretly.. BOYS LOVE

Well I haven't posted icons in forever, and I haven't accumulated enough of anything to post icons at all, and I don't like giant posts of tiny batches of any series, so here is a quick batch made some weeks ago and today. They're mostly variations of each other, lol. Lots of Kamina in this batch. Enjoy!



there needs to be a office!lagann seriesCollapse )

- please credit thecombatbutler or asecretroom if using.
- All fanart belongs to their respective artists, TTGL © GAINAX
- please comment if taking! criticism encouraged, as well :P

OH BTW, those interest icons, they are coming... eventually. You can still request if you haven't, it's just two posts down or something :9
this is secretly.. BOYS LOVE


- the .zip includes an instruction file
- there are two different headers and two different codes for both. The other header is shown in the preview picture (click to enlarge).
- please keep the credit line at the bottom :)
- please comment if you download! (I do know the download count, you know XD) Criticism is encouraged!
- I hope you like it!
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